Just captured a pretty good video of a Red-shouldered Hawk eating a bird in my backyard.

If you think you're affected by the bird salmonella outbreak, either:

1. Take down your feeders for 2 weeks, or
2. (Daily) Clean/scrub your feeders with soapy water, dip in 1:9 bleach solution, and wash with soapy water after

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There's an outbreak of Salmonella that's killing birds at feeders in North America. I had to take down my feeders to keep the birds safe. Now the birds are hopping around my deck looking for food, and it's so sad. ☹️

I've heard a saying amongst birders that "It's easier to turn a birder into a friend, than to turn a friend into a birder."

I've decided that one of my goals for 2021 is to properly capitalize and punctuate my sentences in chats.

Icicles dripping down the mouth of this tiny cave out from which comes a little stream.

Just saw 22 Black Vultures eating on a deer carcass on the bank of the river.

The fourth group of trash I've picked up in the woods today. 90% is drinks like beer, soda, water, etc.

Some partially buried barbed wire ripped my pants open. At least it wasn't my leg. 😨

Some slow forks of the river I have thin sheets of ice on them.

Practice is doing something intentionally in order to improve your ability. Talent is someone's capacity to practice.

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