I'm so happy to see all the new bird photographers and artists on fedi

I haven't had the energy to edit and post bird photos for a while. A bunch of life-upsetting stuff has happened: ending a long-term relationship, not being able to live in my own house, and a related legal battle, chronic medical condition. Hopefully things settle down in the next few months.

I'm happy to see all the new artists and wildlife photographers. For now I'm just observing, but I hope to participate more again soon.

I've decided to try different allergy meds so I can adopt the stray cat that came into my yard a few days ago. He's the cuddliest little fluff ball. I took him to the vet and they gave him a FLV vaccine and said he's FIV+. Gave him a flea and tick treatment, and been brushing gobs of shedding hair out. Getting him neutered in a couple weeks. Named him Red and got him a rainbow collar with a name tag. He's turned my life upside down, but it's worth it.

(Cat EC)


Saw this smol praying mantis on my porch earlier today.

Found a cat, selfie, EC 

Several hours and a can of tuna later, and he's purring and taking a nap on my lap. He decided to spend the night with me inside, so I plan on taking him to the vet in the morning to see if he's chipped. I don't want to steal a neighbors pet, but I would like the cat to live a health safe life indoors, where he's not eating birds.

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Found a cat, selfie, EC 

Today I noticed the squirrels suddenly take off and start doing their alarm calls. I looked outside and there was this orange in the bushes at the edge of the yard. I went outside to talk to it to tell it to not eat my bird friends, and the kitty was super friendly. He's used to people and his fur is in good shape and he talks a lot. He's probably someone's pet, but doesn't have any ID. He hasn't been neutered, either.

White Wagtail, Ecopôle du val d'Allier, Pérignat-sur-Allier, France 🇫🇷 2022-05-02

They really do wag their tails!

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Lizard Photo 

Lizard, Ecopôle du val d'Allier, Pérignat-sur-Allier, France 🇫🇷 2022-05-02

There were a bunch of these ~4-inch long lizards in the leaf litter in the woods. We never saw any squirrels or mammals, just lizards.


Black-headed Gull, Ecopôle du val d'Allier, Pérignat-sur-Allier, France 🇫🇷 2022-05-02

Finally going through my bird photos from my Europe trip! If my ID's are off, let me know as it's probably the first time I've seen many of these European birds.

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Hey, it's ! Here's some people I've recently started following that post cool original art and photography:



Nature Photographers:


There were these Horse Chestnut trees blooming everywhere in Paris last month. Most had white flowers, but some had red flowers.

I was told that this tree was the oldest in Paris. It's in a small church garden across the river from the Notre Dame cathedral. When it started falling over, they installed these supports that are dressed up as tree trunks to keep it going. @plants

"Trans Lives Matter ❤️"

Some graffiti I saw in La Spezia, Italy, last month.

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