I'm in a bad mood with a headache, please send kitties.

@Cheeseness Was playing Valheim and checking on my bee hives and thought of you.


It's easy to get the cake baby when you eat the entire cake.

I also saw three Eastern Bluebirds go into one of my Bluebird houses, probably to cuddle and get warm.

We had a freezing rain ice storm overnight here. The birds were everywhere and starving because they couldn't get to the feeders because they were covered in ice, and I bet all of their natural food is also covered in ice. I went outside and broke all the ice off their feeders and gave them double the food today. They have swarmed my backyard and are super active eating all of the food. It warms my heart.

@anaisfae I just got the bird art in the mail, and wow! It's really great! So detailed. Can't wait to frame it and hang it! The crow is also really cool. It feels like something a fortune teller would give me. Maybe there's a crow friend in my future? Thanks so much!

Little bird footprints in the snow on my back deck. They get more busy by the door because that's where I normally leave peanuts for them.

Neat film about The Bird Genoscape Project, where researchers collect bird feathers so they can sequence DNA to map out where different populations of birds migrate. youtube.com/watch?v=_p43ksRgIl

My buddy Alex went to Florida on vacation and brought back this coconut he found in a parking lot. He didn't know that the "nut" was actually a much smaller brown thing inside the husk, so I decided to de-husk the coconut to show him: youtube.com/watch?v=T8g0M5QVbU

We did eat the coconut after I opened it, but it wasn't that flavorful. Maybe parking lots aren't the best place to find coconuts?

(From July 2019)

Palm Warbler, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/17/2020.

The first photo is a new favorite of mine. My heart swells.

Eastern Meadowlark, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/17/2020.

I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at in the field! I thought it was some kind of hawk, until I looked at the photos just now. A new life bird for me!

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