There was a tortoiseshell kitty on my back porch trying to hunt my feeder birds. I opened the door and said "Hi". It immediately walked over to me and rubbed its face on my hand once, then took off down the stairs.

Great Blue Heron, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/06/2020

These birds wade in the water looking for fish. When a fish swims by, it will use its beak like a spear to stab the fish and lift it out of the water to eat it whole. Some wading birds walk around looking for fish but the Great Blue Heron waits perfectly still for fish to come to it.

Song Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky 12/06/2020

To distinguish these sparrows from other species, look for the dark brown spot near the center of their breast.

@Tusky It would be a nice option to be able to make the default reply visibility "unlisted".

Had a good morning . Saw about 32 species. Highlights include 2 Indigo Bunting, 4+ Yellow Warblers, a male Baltimore Oriole, and immaterial Orchard Oriole, several Common Yellowthroats and several Eastern Kingbirds.

Was looking for a Little Blue Heron that was reported there about 5 days ago, but we didn't see it. Saw some weird domestic mallard hybrids with black heads instead of the usual green. Had brief flybys of a Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, and Belted Kingfisher.

Squirrel, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/2/2020

It's monching on some decorative Thanksgiving corn we threw out for it to eat. My yard squirrels are all chonks.

Tufted Titmouse, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/02/2020

I think these are my favorite birds.

Male Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky, 11/29/2020

He monch on some kinda berry.

Female Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

Female cardinals are so underrated!

Carolina Wren, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

These birds make me laugh all the time. They have such a personality. I love their little stuck-up tail. They're also super loud despite their small size.

Male Eastern Towhee, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

These birds are often found on the ground scratching in the leaves to uncover bugs to eat. Sometimes they fly to a branch 6-10 feet off the ground to sing.

White-throated Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

Big flocks of these cuties visit my area in the winter. Their song is described as sounding like "Old Sam Peabody, Peabody," or "Oh sweet Canada, Canada".

Female Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

She's monching on some berries on this tree.

Immature Great Blue Heron with Mallards, Louisville, Kentucky, 11/29/2020.

I couldn't figure out which type of heron this was in the moment, but after reviewing the photos I see that it was because it was an immature bird, which I haven't seen before. It didn't help that it was far away on the opposite bank of a lake.

I didn't see any of the cool spring warblers that pass through, but I was fortunate to count 23 species in my backyard. The Yellow-rumped Warblers that are winter birds are still hanging out. Now its time for pancakes!

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It took about 30-60 minutes just sitting still and quiet before the birds returned to the feeders. I watched them in the nearby trees until they got comfortable with me there.

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