Today my friend Colton and I made a tiny rogue-like where you play as a ghost helping other ghosts attain peace so their spirits can rest.

We made it in 6 hours for a Halloween-themed Spooky Game Jam that my friends run every year.

Saw these crazy large, thick, woody mushrooms in the parking lot when picking up lunch.

Some flowers from this mornings birding walk. There's less and less flowers as we're heading into fall.

Eastern Gray Squirrel, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-03-06

Classic squirrel. Munching on a walnut.

American Goldfinch & Male Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-02-21

The Goldfinch is in its non-breeding plumage with the dull yellow, and black beak. I can't tell the difference between the males & females in non-breeding plumage.

The cardinal is molting its head feathers, and sporting a mohawk.

Merlin, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-01-30

These small falcons visit my area in the winter, and even then they are rare.


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