There's an outbreak of Salmonella that's killing birds at feeders in North America. I had to take down my feeders to keep the birds safe. Now the birds are hopping around my deck looking for food, and it's so sad. ☹️

If you think you're affected by the bird salmonella outbreak, either:

1. Take down your feeders for 2 weeks, or
2. (Daily) Clean/scrub your feeders with soapy water, dip in 1:9 bleach solution, and wash with soapy water after

@eric That article doesn’t mention the geographical extent of the outbreak. Everything I’m finding seems localized to the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Portland, BC). Any idea if the northeast is affected as well?

@pganssle We've got multiple reports in Kentucky where I am located. Haven't heard about other areas, but it's at least on both sides of the Rocky Mountains.

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