Blue Jays love peanuts. Sometimes if I'm late putting out peanuts a Blue Jay will sit on my deck and yell at me through the window.

The last photo shows one trying to carry two peanuts in its mouth at once. It wasn't able to carry both.

@eric I once saw one carry two at once. It shoved the first one down its throat and managed to make enough room that it was able to pick up the second one. I was flabbergasted.

@eric Stellar's Jays (we don't have any blue jays) and crows see me coming and set up a fuss for peanuts!
I used to take my lunch at this park and one day I tossed out a few salted peanuts to a crow. It hopped to a puddle and rinsed it off before downing it! I returned with unsalted ones and they didn't wash them. I learned to carry a small bag of unsalted peanuts with me after reading a bit.

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