Hummingbirds are returning!

It's easy and cheap to make hummingbird nectar:

1: Boil water
2. Dissolve sugar (1:4 sugar:water)
3. Let cool

Change every couple of days. Extra can be stored in the fridge for a few days.

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Well, it was easy until my partner found an unexplained pot of water cooling on the stove and tossed it down the drain. 🤕

@eric no no no, you make true syrup using only barely enough water to dissolve the sugar. You then keep that in the fridge, and use it both as hummingbird feeder base, and as cocktail ingredient. And as a bonus, the insanely higher concentration of sugar kills anything that might have been in the water so it lasts pretty literally forever. If you didn't use it, that is.

@eric Hey @warpgate9 remember that one time I spent hours boiling chicken broth for the dogs ;p

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