Male Eastern Towhee, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

These birds are often found on the ground scratching in the leaves to uncover bugs to eat. Sometimes they fly to a branch 6-10 feet off the ground to sing.

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@eric it's odd to see a towhee that's not spotted =D

Are they screamy-birders, too, like the spotted Towhee? (except when they're territory advertising, when they can actually "sing")

@TheRealPomax I just listened to the Spotted Towhee's song, and it's kinda like a faster version of the second half of the Eastern Towhee's song.

@eric Yeah that's *nothing* like what the Spotted Towhees here sound like. I should set up a recording session for them. They are very vocal, and VERY YELLY =D

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