Great Blue Heron, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/06/2020

These birds wade in the water looking for fish. When a fish swims by, it will use its beak like a spear to stab the fish and lift it out of the water to eat it whole. Some wading birds walk around looking for fish but the Great Blue Heron waits perfectly still for fish to come to it.

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@eric I really like them. We have a lot of them in WA near where I usually live. I would see a couple of the blue and often a few of the smaller green ones nearly every day I would walk in the Mercer Slough. I've got a couple pictures looking right down their beak where you can see how their eyes are strangely oriented to let them look down the beak like a gun sight. I've seen them stab some quite big fish and other smaller water creatures.

@eric The strange eye orientation is even more pronounced in the green herons. They are just as adept at spearing their somewhat smaller food on the first try.

@eric What really strikes me about the blue herons is how much their shape can massively and quickly change. They can go from a very compact shape to having this giraffe of a neck that just shoots out of nowhere. Same deal with the green herons.

@Infoseepage Yeah, I love the football shape of the smaller ones. There was a Green Heron hanging out in a park I go to last summer. I hope it comes back this year. Great photos, thanks!

@eric I've only rarely saw herons in real life. But I find them always impressive.

Thanks for all the photos!

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