This raccoon has been stealing my suet cakes. They have been visiting at 6pm. Often as I'm having dinner it walks right in front of me. Opening my door used to scare it off, but now it just pauses for a moment. I have to actually approach it to get it to leave.

@eric You can capture the raccoon, de-skin it and cook it and eat Raccoon meat for dinner. You didn't even hunt raccoon.

@eric chasing them at top speed and barking like a dog will help at least a little and is fun cardio

but i've never succeeded in getting them to leave for good other than by bringing in the food source when it's raccoon hours

@eric It is basically a small bear. I did battle with one once over my chickens, with a rake, at 3am. It did not back down easily.

@eric I think young ones and new moms are up and about earlier. And I think they’re more active as a whole in spring. Base potential danger more on their behaviour (steadiness, etc.) and less just on the time of day.

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