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Icicles dripping down the mouth of this tiny cave out from which comes a little stream.

The fourth group of trash I've picked up in the woods today. 90% is drinks like beer, soda, water, etc.

Some partially buried barbed wire ripped my pants open. At least it wasn't my leg. 😨

Some slow forks of the river I have thin sheets of ice on them.

American Robin foraging in the grass. Its head feathers look a little odd, maybe it's molting?

Yellow-rumped Warbler. Not the best framing, but good zoom, and kinda focused. First photo, is underneath as it's taking off. Second photo, you can see the yellow rump.

Cedar Waxwing. I like how you can see the light shining through the feathers as it flies. Also, notice the yellow tip of the tail feathers.

Great Blue Heron with wings spread. October 4th, 2020 at Lake Nevin in Bernheim Research Forest and Arboretum just south of Louisville, Kentucky.

My photos taught me I saw a bunch of Palm Warblers this fall migration before I knew what they were.

Guess what? 

Sparrow butt!


Not sure if they are Field Sparrows or Chipping Sparrows.

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