American Goldfinch & Male Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-02-21

The Goldfinch is in its non-breeding plumage with the dull yellow, and black beak. I can't tell the difference between the males & females in non-breeding plumage.

The cardinal is molting its head feathers, and sporting a mohawk.

Merlin, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-01-30

These small falcons visit my area in the winter, and even then they are rare.


Double-crested Cormorant, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-01-30

I've never seen their crests. They always fly really low over the water, with their wingtips almost touching it.

Hawk eating 

Red-shouldered Hawk, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-01-14

In the first photo, the hawk is watching my backyard feeders. In the second photo, the hawk has snatched one of my guest birds, and is eating it.

Male Downy Woodpecker, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-01-11

They love suet.

The black spots on the outer white tail feathers indicate this is a Downy Woodpecker, not a Hairy Woodpecker. The red spot on the back of its head indicate that this is a male.

American Robin, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-01-08

Some Robins migrate in the winter, but others are resident.

Mourning Dove, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-01-08

Its all fluffed up and cozy, trying to stay warm and nap.

Black Vultures, Louisville, Kentucky, 2020-12-27

Some people think these birds are "gross", but I think they're handsome.

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