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Here's a better shot of the same Palm Warbler. It looks curious. Take 10/3/2020 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Another Palm Warbler. All the small yellow & brown birds are challenging to identify.

Beautiful little Red-eyed Vireo amongst the fall leaves. First time getting a photo of one. Taken 10/3/2020 in Louisville, Kentucky.

A very brown Blue Grosbeak female. Look how ragged her tail feathers are in the second photo. She could use a good molt!

Taken 9/27/2020 in Louisville, Kentucky.

House Wren. Strangely I've never seen a House Wren at my house, just Carolina Wrens.

Here's the first Red-breasted Nuthatch I've ever seen. They're pretty unusual in Kentucky. It's cousin, the White-breasted Nuthatch is pretty common here. Looks like they both love being upside-down.

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