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American Crow, Louisville, Kentucky 11/07/2020.

Birds have weird eyelids. You can see the crow's eyelid closed in the second photo.

Song Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky 11/07/2020

Do you think birds ever stare in awe at the sunset and think "this is amazing"?

Here's a hawk from my backyard on 10/25/2020. Maybe a Cooper's Hawk? I have a hard time telling them apart.

Blue Jays love peanuts. Sometimes if I'm late putting out peanuts a Blue Jay will sit on my deck and yell at me through the window.

The last photo shows one trying to carry two peanuts in its mouth at once. It wasn't able to carry both.

Chaos at my feeders from the irruption of Pine Siskins. Sadly, they're all gone now. It's a once-in-10-years event.

Louisville, Kentucky, 10/24/2020.

Female Downy Woodpecker monching on suet. Louisville, Kentucky, 10/24/2020.

You can tell its a female because it is missing the red spot on the back of its head.

Palm Warbler, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/17/2020.

The first photo is a new favorite of mine. My heart swells.

Eastern Meadowlark, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/17/2020.

I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at in the field! I thought it was some kind of hawk, until I looked at the photos just now. A new life bird for me!

American Crow, Louisville, Kentucky 10/17/2020.

I one day hope to befriend a crow.

Red-tailed Hawk, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/17/2020.

This individual circled above me for a few minutes.

The call of an Red-tailed Hawk is usually what you hear in movies for a Bald Eagle.

Carolina Chickadee, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/11/2020.

Munching on some seeds.

White-throated Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/11/2020.

Visits my area only in the winter. The White-throated Sparrow species has 4 sexes, male/female with white strips on the head, and male/female with tan stripes on the head. This individual appears to be of the tan-striped variety. They can only mate with the opposite colored stripes.

Interesting article about it here:

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/11/2020.

You can't see the red belly in this photo because it's behind the tree branch. You can tell it's a female bird because the red stripe on the head a broken by a white patch. On males, the red stripe runs unbroken from the base of the beak to the back of the head.

Female Eastern Bluebird, Louisville, Kentucky 10/11/2020.

You can tell its a female because its plumage coloring is less colorful and more dull.

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