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Female Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

Female cardinals are so underrated!

Carolina Wren, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

These birds make me laugh all the time. They have such a personality. I love their little stuck-up tail. They're also super loud despite their small size.

Male Eastern Towhee, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

These birds are often found on the ground scratching in the leaves to uncover bugs to eat. Sometimes they fly to a branch 6-10 feet off the ground to sing.

White-throated Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

Big flocks of these cuties visit my area in the winter. Their song is described as sounding like "Old Sam Peabody, Peabody," or "Oh sweet Canada, Canada".

Female Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky 11/29/2020

She's monching on some berries on this tree.

Immature Great Blue Heron with Mallards, Louisville, Kentucky, 11/29/2020.

I couldn't figure out which type of heron this was in the moment, but after reviewing the photos I see that it was because it was an immature bird, which I haven't seen before. It didn't help that it was far away on the opposite bank of a lake.

Carolina Wren, Louisville, Kentucky, 2020-11-27

These birds have a ton of character. This one looks cold, with its feathers all puffed out, and one foot tucked up in the feathers.

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Louisville Kentucky 2020-11-27

I was directly below this one, and in the first photo its looking directly at me with a "WTF?" expression. You can clearly see the yellow spot on the top of its head that's not always visible.

This species looks similar to the European Goldcrest, and is related.

Brown Creeper, Louisville, Kentucky 2020-11-27

These birds blend in really well and are really hard to see.


Field Sparrow, Louisvillle, Kentucky. 2020-11-27

Their calls are described as sounding like a bouncing ping-pong ball.

Carolina Chickadee, Louisville, Kentucky 2020-11-27.

It's cool how transparent their wings are in sunlight.

Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted), Louisville, Kentucky 2021-11-12.

This was one of the few times I've seen this species in my backyard. The photo is kinda blurry, but these woodpeckers are so beautiful, so it's worth it.

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-11-08.

These tiny birds move around a lot and are difficult to photograph.


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Louisville, Kentucky, 11/08/2020

This was only my second time seeing this species. There were two sapsuckers chasing each other circling around a tree trunk. I'm so glad some of my photos turned out.

A Black Vulture catching some sun. Louisville, Kentucky, 11/08/2020

I heard one reason birds will spread their wings and sunbathe is because it will kill mites and other parasites that live on their feathers.

Wild Turkey, Louisville, Kentucky 11/08/2020

Look at the iridescence on its neck feathers. Also its legs are super long.

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