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Red-winged Blackbird, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

It looks like a male in non-breeding plumage, but most of the males are in breeding plumage. Maybe its an immature bird?

Female Red-winged Blackbird, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

It has a damselfly in its mouth.

Dark-eyed Junco, Louisville, Kentucky 12/06/2020

These cute little birds visit my area in the winter. During the summer they live up in Canada.

Red-bellied Woodpecker female, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/06/2020

The red belly is really low and faint on these birds.

Downy Woodpecker male, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/06/2020

The red spot on the back of its head indicates that it's a male.

Northern Flicker female, Louisville, Kentucky 12/06/2020.

These woodpeckers are beautiful in good light.

American Robin, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/06/2020

Their latin name is Turdus migratorius. Seriously.

American Goldfinch, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/06/2020

During the winter these birds have much duller plumage than the bright yellow they wear in the summer.

Great Blue Heron, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/06/2020

These birds wade in the water looking for fish. When a fish swims by, it will use its beak like a spear to stab the fish and lift it out of the water to eat it whole. Some wading birds walk around looking for fish but the Great Blue Heron waits perfectly still for fish to come to it.

Song Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky 12/06/2020

To distinguish these sparrows from other species, look for the dark brown spot near the center of their breast.

Tufted Titmouse, Louisville, Kentucky, 12/02/2020

I think these are my favorite birds.

Male Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky, 11/29/2020

He monch on some kinda berry.

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