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American Robin, Waterford, Michigan, 2021-06-03

I got up super early to walk with my Mom, so it was still chilly and this robin was fluffed up to keep warm.

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker, Sterling Heights, Michigan 6/2/2021

Originally thought the bird had a white stripe on its beak, but the photos reveal that it's some kind of insect.

American Robin, Columbiaville, Michigan 5/30/2021

Snacking on some kind of caterpillar

Male House Sparrow, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

This is an invasive species from Europe.

Blue Jay, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

It was watching the Great Blue Heron nests with us.

Great Blue Herons, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

My Dad and I visited a Great Blue Heron Rookery, which is where the birds nest in a big colony. We counted 16 herons. They all looked about ready to leave the nest.

Yellow Warblers, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

Two different birds hanging out with each other. One had a significantly more streaky breast.

Male Red-winged Blackbird, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

You can see its little tongue as its shouting its song. These birds were everywhere at this marshy park.

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