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Field Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-04-04

Plain light breast and pink bill gives it away.

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-04-04

She's excavating a new hole in a tree. The first photo shows her beak is full of wood chips, and the second photo shows her mouth open and wood chips scattered to the wind.

Red-tailed Hawk, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-04-04

If the bird's tail isn't obviously red-brown, another way to differentiate a Red-tailed Hawk is to look for a dark-brown band of speckles going across its belly.

Song Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-04-04

A good way to differentiate Song Sparrows is to look for the dark spot on the center of their breast.

Eastern Phoebe, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2021-04-01

You can tell these apart from other flycatchers by the characteristic way they constantly bob their tail up and down.

American Kestrel, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-03-14

It was super far away, so this was the best photo I could get.

American Goldfinch & Male Northern Cardinal, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-02-21

The Goldfinch is in its non-breeding plumage with the dull yellow, and black beak. I can't tell the difference between the males & females in non-breeding plumage.

The cardinal is molting its head feathers, and sporting a mohawk.

Merlin, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-01-30

These small falcons visit my area in the winter, and even then they are rare.


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