@iconography The Coal Tits look really similar to the Carolina Chickadee & Black-capped Chickadee we have in the USA.

@mlevel looks like a Lazuli Bunting. Indigo Buntings are completely blue.

@artilectzed I'm still upset from when they moved the clock to the left side after being on the right side for like a decade.

@artilectzed Okay, thanks for the info. Hopefully if I wait a month the first patch will smooth things out.

@artilectzed Oh no! I just got the update notification, and I've been dreading it. I'm not sure when Android updates went from upgrades to downgrades.

Foodtoot Foodpics 

@hoernchen72 I didn't know people made homemade stroopwafels!

@alexjgriffith @selfsame 👋 I spotted my game Unclaimed Loot in that screenshot (col 1, row 2). Made it Sunday with @AlexBezuska for an annual 6-hour Spooky Jam my friends put on.

Today my friend Colton and I made a tiny rogue-like where you play as a ghost helping other ghosts attain peace so their spirits can rest.


We made it in 6 hours for a Halloween-themed Spooky Game Jam that my friends run every year.

Saw these crazy large, thick, woody mushrooms in the parking lot when picking up lunch.

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