A walk at Kranji Marshes, Singapore, on 20 June 2021 give us this wonderful find: an Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas) spotted resting on a tree. Included here are shots showing its feathery antenna, it's 'snake head' wing and a size comparison with my hand.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/8 ]

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@mlevel Merlin does ID by asking questions about color, location, size, etc. Photo not necessary.

@mlevel I use an app called Merlin to help with ID. Its pretty good.

@mlevel Looks more like one of the flycatchers. Maybe a Great-crested Flycatcher? Not sure which species are out west.

@RAPIDPUNCHES Nice! When I first got mine, I watched a bunch of videos that showed what all the different features and how to use them. Was easier than reading the manual.

Selfie, eye contact. 

Its cottonwood season, and there was a ton of cotton fuzz balls everywhere. A came across one especially fuzzy tree, and took a selfie to show the scale of the fuzz.

Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Oak Harbor, Ohio 2021-06-95

I think these are mushrooms, but I'm not certain. I've never seen anything quite like them. There were probably around 30 to 50 stalks in the area.

Milford, Michigan, 2021-06-04.

Probably a Canada Goose feather. Waterford, Michigan 2021-06-03

@Rural_Canadian I've always wanted to see one in person and watch their goofy walk.

Turtle, Waterford, Michigan, 2021-06-03

This was one of several turtles we saw making their way onto land to lay eggs.

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American Robin, Waterford, Michigan, 2021-06-03

I got up super early to walk with my Mom, so it was still chilly and this robin was fluffed up to keep warm.

Brood X Cicada, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-05-23

A few neighborhoods in town are covered in these, but most places have none.

I went camping withy brother last weekend. The campground had a hiking trail, and a section of it was called "pine corridor". I can see why.

Out of 173 photos I took this morning, I ended up with 21 keepers.

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