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I went at a local nature preserve this morning. It was cold, rainy and miserable, but totally worth it because I saw my first Northern Harrier! It's a hawk that glides low and slow over fields looking for prey. I actually saw it swoop down, and catch something, land on a nearby fence post and eat it. Unfortunately I left my camera in the car because of the rain.

@tchambers I think it just stores your instance name, so it can jump right there and skip some steps.

I'm finally going through my photos, and I'll have a bunch to post once my Mastodon server gets fixed. It's crunching a bunch of background jobs that it got behind on. Even computers can slack off.

@darktable Darktable recently updated, and the favorite/starred modules feature disappeared. Now I have to dig through all the modules every single photo which takes a lot of time. Is there some way to get favorite modules back?

@smerp I love the sky squiggles. I wonder how this plotter squiggle style would look as a video game shader.

@Andy_P I've been hoping to catch one of these in my backyard, but no luck.

@ConnyDuck Thanks for working on Tusky! I use it every day, and it makes me happy. ❤️

What are your oldest files/documents?

I've got some english class papers from 1998, and some QBasic programs from the late 90's.

@TheRealPomax You kinda can with WebRTC data channels. The initial handshake needs some kinda relay server because browsers will only listen for like 10 seconds. I made a single-file peer to peer web chat once, bit it was difficult to complete the handshake before the browser closed the connection.

Just captured a pretty good video of a Red-shouldered Hawk eating a bird in my backyard.

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