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There's a big swarm of about 20 Pine Siskins at my feeders right now. Mostly crowding the thistle seed. I've never seen them before. They look like house finches but with little smudges of yellow on their wings and no red/purple.

Today is October Big Day 2020. Go outside and look at some birds. Submit your observations via eBird or Merlin

I think one of my local Blue Jays is learning to yell at me when there's no peanuts left. It yells, I look outside and it's on the porch railing where I put the peanuts and he just stares at me.

Found this rad leaf-shaped bug. iNaturalist says it's in the Angle-winged Katydid genus.

Here's the first Red-breasted Nuthatch I've ever seen. They're pretty unusual in Kentucky. It's cousin, the White-breasted Nuthatch is pretty common here. Looks like they both love being upside-down.

Spent a bunch of time wondering why I took a bunch of photos of this tree, until I realized that if I cranked the exposure up you can see a Red-breasted Nuthatch hiding in the shadows!

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