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Eastern Gray Squirrel, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/17/2020.

This fuzzy friend was loudly trying to break open a walnut.

American Crow, Louisville, Kentucky 10/17/2020.

I one day hope to befriend a crow.

Red-tailed Hawk, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/17/2020.

This individual circled above me for a few minutes.

The call of an Red-tailed Hawk is usually what you hear in movies for a Bald Eagle.

Milkweed bugs 

These Milkweed Bugs are eating milkweed. Doesn't look that tasty to me.

Carolina Chickadee, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/11/2020.

Munching on some seeds.

White-throated Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/11/2020.

Visits my area only in the winter. The White-throated Sparrow species has 4 sexes, male/female with white strips on the head, and male/female with tan stripes on the head. This individual appears to be of the tan-striped variety. They can only mate with the opposite colored stripes.

Interesting article about it here:

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/11/2020.

You can't see the red belly in this photo because it's behind the tree branch. You can tell it's a female bird because the red stripe on the head a broken by a white patch. On males, the red stripe runs unbroken from the base of the beak to the back of the head.

Female Eastern Bluebird, Louisville, Kentucky 10/11/2020.

You can tell its a female because its plumage coloring is less colorful and more dull.

Swainson's Thrush, Louisville, Kentucky 10/11/2020.

In the photo it has a white berry in it's beak. I think they're only in my area during the winter.

Male Eastern Bluebird, Louisville, Kentucky 10/11/2020.

They like to hang out on the soccer nets and look for bugs in the grass below.

Male American Goldfinch , Louisville, Kentucky, 10/11/2020.

Transitioning from its bright summer plumage to duller winter plumage.

It's extra motivation to go stand in the rain for 2 hours on a Sunday morning when you know there's a nearby coffee shop that sells the best chocolate chip cookies in the city.

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