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Some cool tree bud I saw on my birding walk this afternoon. I love the tiny wrinkled leaves.

Saw these bell-shaped flowers this morning. It was super cold and actually snowed for a few minutes.

Just look at those 3 cute little babies looking up at the parent.

I looked it up and both parents will sit on the nest, though the Mother usually spends more time on it.

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OMG, the parent got up and there's 3 fuzzy baby Bald Eagles it was sitting on! It's feeding them right now!

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I'm excited that I think I finally fixed the oldest bug in my game Kick Bot tonight. It's been in our bug list for 2 years!

One of the other Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers I saw at the same time. I think this one is a juvenile that is just starting to get its adult plumage.

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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Louisville, Kentucky, 11/08/2020

This was only my second time seeing this species. There were two sapsuckers chasing each other circling around a tree trunk. I'm so glad some of my photos turned out.

A Black Vulture catching some sun. Louisville, Kentucky, 11/08/2020

I heard one reason birds will spread their wings and sunbathe is because it will kill mites and other parasites that live on their feathers.

Wild Turkey, Louisville, Kentucky 11/08/2020

Look at the iridescence on its neck feathers. Also its legs are super long.

American Crow, Louisville, Kentucky 11/07/2020.

Birds have weird eyelids. You can see the crow's eyelid closed in the second photo.

Song Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky 11/07/2020

Do you think birds ever stare in awe at the sunset and think "this is amazing"?

Here's a daytime moon photo I took on 11/17/2020. It's so cool to see all the craters.

Here's a hawk from my backyard on 10/25/2020. Maybe a Cooper's Hawk? I have a hard time telling them apart.

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