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I spotted one of the Carolina Chickadees that's nesting in the box under my deck. It would fly out from the box and land in various trees on the edge of the yard and yell at me.

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The crows were going berserk at the far end of the cul-de-sac, and I thought I heard a Red-shouldered Hawk over there. Crows will harass a predator until it leaves. About 15 minutes later 3 Red-shouldered Hawks flew over my backyard circling and diving and making a bunch of noise. I stood up to get some photos, and also scare away my feeder birds so the hawks didn't eat them.

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The Rose-breasted Grosbeak female was back. She was super calm and cautious compared to the other birds. Watching and waiting quietly for a while before flying in for some sunflower seeds. Still no sign of the male.

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It was bright enough where I could put my shutter speed up to 5000, and I might have gotten some really good hummingbird photos where I could freeze the birds super fast wings.

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I didn't have enough time to go to the park this morning, so I set up shop on my back porch. I filled up all the feeders changed out the hummingbird nectar and put out a line of peanuts on the railing. Perfect weather, sunny with a cool breeze, and lots of bird activity.

Computer nerdery 

I wanted to play an old 16-bit Win3.1 shareware game from my youth, but first I had to reprogram my keyboard to give it a numpad.

Its gray and rainy, but I just caught my first-of-season (FOS) Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Ruby-throated Hummingbird at my feeder. In my excitement I scared off the Grosbeak before I could get a photo. I only got one bad photo of the hummers tail on the back side of my feeder before it flew off. A chipping sparrow is still hanging out, so I managed a couple decent shots of it.

Turning on my phone and forgetting why is the new walking into a room and forgetting why.

Cool fossil on a dry riverbed. Later in the season this section will be underwater.

There's always some fun mushrooms to find on the woods. This felled tree was probably 3 feet across. Mushrooms busy digesting their meal.


Today I am happy to welcome a group of 3-ish Chipping Sparrows to my backyard. First time seeing them here since I moved in. No photos yet, but there will be if they hang around.

My local electric company installed a Peregrine Falcon nest box with a webcam on a decomissioned smoke stack.


I wrote up a solution to a super specific problem I experienced using Unity's Cinemachine package:

I was doing some yard work and decided to check one of my bluebird boxes to see if anyone moved in. I twisted the little latch and a mad as hell Carolina Chickadee made an emergency exit. I screamed like a little girl. I didn't hear any babies, but I hope we get some soon.

This trail goes to one of my favorite spots in the park. I love how, when standing here, you can't see anything manmade in any direction. Later in the season the grasses grow to shoulder height and it can be hard to get back here. Need to be careful of ticks.

There's a bunch of these trees locally that produce beautiful pink flowers for a few weeks each spring.

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