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Snapping Turtle, Sterling Heights, Michigan 6/2/2021

It had dug a hole and was laying eggs right next to the paved trail.

Squirrel, Sterling Heights, Michigan 6/2/2021

This squirrel was so tiny, I think it was a baby. It was very curious, approaching us and watching us observe it.

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker, Sterling Heights, Michigan 6/2/2021

Originally thought the bird had a white stripe on its beak, but the photos reveal that it's some kind of insect.

American Robin, Columbiaville, Michigan 5/30/2021

Snacking on some kind of caterpillar

Tonight I learned that long ago my grandmother stole a horse.

Male House Sparrow, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

This is an invasive species from Europe.

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