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I missed the sunset last night so here's the campfire instead. Heading home this morning.

Insect photo 

Orange Cahil, a type of mayfly (according to iNaturalist)

Tonight's camping sunset. Makes me think about how many sunsets I miss, sitting inside staring at screens.

I'm lucky to have beautiful weather this camping trip. Memorial day was abnormally cold, and July was really hot and humid.

Which would you buy first: a device to pat kitties over the internet, or a device to punch strangers over the internet?

It's been a rainy few days and suddenly cooling off here. I bet my local hummingbirds will be heading south soon.

Hey fedi, it's been a while. What's up? I've been obsessed with synthesizers, and trying to learn music making.

Anyone else collect new hobbies? I feel like I try a new one once a year. What's your newest hobby? Which one has stuck with you the longest?

A short birding hike is better than no birding hike. Thanks to the new Merlin Sound ID, I was able to spot a Summer Tanager. Here's some flowers from my walk. The bird photos are still on the memory card.


Saw a weird spider that looked like it was wearing a seashell.

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