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This used to be my favorite spot in the park. You could stand here and see nothing man-made. Then last fall they decided to mow it all down and do a haunted house...

Male House Finch, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-05-01

Males have the reddish-purple coloring on their heads and backs.

Male American Goldfinch, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-05-01

The males have the black forehead spot, and their yellow coloring is brighter than females.

Female Downy Woodpecker, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-05-01

The two main ways I know to distinguish a Downy from a Hairy Woodpecker are:

1. Look for black spots on the outer white tail feathers. You can see these in the photo. Only Downy's have the spots. If spots are missing, it may be either species.

2. Look at the size of the bill. Imagine it rotating 180 degrees, and check if it would extend past the eye. If it would, then it's probably a Hairy Woodpecker.

Frogs were making tons of noise at the park. Sounded like thousands of them, but I was unable to see a single one.

Mourning Doves, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-05-01

There's always a group of these in my backyard. They often line up in a row on one branch and chill quietly for a long time.

Chipping Sparrow, Louisville Kentucky 2021-04-29

These don't usually eat at my feeders.

Here's some sunny yellow flowers to brighten your day!

Taken 2021-04-25, in Louisville, Kentucky

Female Brown-headed Cowbird, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-04-25

Females have a chocolate-brown body, whereas males have a glossy black body. Both have a chocolate-brown head.

Field Sparrow, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-04-25

Eating some seeds off a tree.

I got to pet a kitty cat today. Her name is Risotto, and she's a fluffy gray kitty. A+ would pet again.

Female Downy Woodpecker, Louisville, Kentucky, 2021-04-18

In this photo you can see how it uses its stiff tail feathers as a third leg to support itself.

Red-tailed Hawk, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-04-18

Ah, to soar above the clouds!

Female American Goldfinch, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-04-18

In dull winter plumage. Males have a black forehead patch, which females lack.

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